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Amplify Trust in AI

Building trust in your work is expensive,

we say let your work speak for itself.

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We empower your data teams to rapidly assemble explanations of their work, so that you can get better utilisationiteration and a stronger organisation-wide data culture.

improve alignment between data investments and drivers of business value​

understand the data projects driving your business faster and with less effort

engage more of your team in data projects for a better organisational data culture

encourage more diversely skilled teams to use and build data projects with less friction

Communicate better with automatically generated, personalised explanations of AI systems.

We want to help you empower your data team to rapidly assemble explanations of their work, so that you can get:

  • better utilisation of data products by other business units

  • faster communication and iteration of new ideas

  • a stronger and more engaged organisational data culture


To do that, we are offering a pilot product for these kinds of applications:


  • aligning projects with compliance obligations

  • building and sharing explanations of novel algorithms

  • helping diversely skilled teams work on and talk about a data project


Line up a chat to talk with us about getting Zalia Flow into your organisation.

We'll be in touch.

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